Finding my inspiration again!


So, here we go.

I am finally able to re-boot my enthusiastprogrammer.com blog. It has been a long time since I initially started this blog back in 2011 but then I had to shut it down due to some other work-related priorities. But here I am, starting all over again. I wanted to re-boot this blog from a long time, but I was just not able to do it because I was not able to find a vision of what I wanted with this.


One of the reasons I am able to take this step is this guy, John Sonmez. There is a free course on his website about creating your blog that got me moving.


John is a Life Coach for Software Developers and I have found his advice very helpful. He is an expert software developer and have created a lot of courses related to programming that can be found on the Pluralsight website. Here is the link to his products page on his blog.



I started my career as professional software developer using the language I loved while I was in my high-school. I learned about programming using GW-BASIC, QBASIC and then Visual Basic. Shortly after that I established myself as a web developer using Classic ASP back in 2001. Soon after that I started using the .NET framework as my primary toolset. My interests in computers include programming, design, animation, graphics and games.