Interactive programming tools and demos

I would like to start this post with the Alan Kay’s TED talk titled “A powerful idea about teaching ideas”. This talk covers a lot of topics like ideas about teaching and learning and how computers can make things better if used properly. Alan also talks about the OLPC and the Etoys the interactive authoring and learning tool for children. He gave all of this presentation using his own software environment based on Squeak Smalltalk.

I have recently watched many talks by Bret Victor. One of the first videos I saw is titled “Inventing on Principle” that contains various programming and design demos. Bret is also inspired by similar ideas as Alan Kay about using computers as a new medium.

Interactive development tools

I have still not seen many development tools as shown in this presentation. Mainly I have seen tools for online interactive JavaScript development likeΒ jsfiddle.netΒ and recently the Swift Playground. The Swift Playground can now even show inline graphics within the source code, which I think makes graphics programming very interesting.

Swift Playground

This is very interesting way to work with and prototype using Apple’s Swift language. You need latest version of Xcode in order to work with that and currently it is only available on the Mac OSX.

swift playground

Khan Academy’s JavaScript Editor

Here is similar interactive JavaScript tutorial and editor at KhanAcademy.com. This is also one of my favorite online JavaScript editors as it gives the opportunity to see the results instantly and draw interesting graphics with just few lines of code.

Intro to Drawing