Programming Strategy 21 Ideas

programming ideas

Here are points from my strategy about how to improve the programming expertise and satisfaction level.

  1. Understand basics and history [Software, people, ideas]
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  2. Try different languages [Smalltalk, C, C++, Ruby, Python]
  3. Try to create different programs [Games, Editors, Graphics]
  4. Try different frameworks and libraries [jQuery, Graphics]
  5. Try different algorithms [Sorting, Searching, Pathfinding]
  6. Try different APIs [Search, Data, Maps, Weather, Social]
  7. Try different GUI ideas for ease of use and learning.
  8. Identify different problems and find ways to avoid them + solve them.
  9. Learn game development with tools like Unity3d, Unreal Engine, DarkBasic.
  10. Do small projects [Upwork -> Desktop Apps, Utilities]
  11. Build programming tools for higher speed and productivity.
  12. Get improved hardware like disks, tablets, monitors, mobile.
  13. Get a Sony Ebook Reader for PDF and Ebook reading.
  14. Download and review sample apps for ReactJS and AngularJS.
  15. Study code of large open source projects like Node.js.
  16. Buy source code of apps from sites like
  17. Study top projects from GitHub and SourceForge.
  18. Study sample code by Google, Facebook, Microsoft.
  19. Make a source code organization and discovery web app.
  20. Build app with ASP.NET Core, ReactJS, AngularJS 2.0, Node.js.
  21. Study web security and Content Security Policy.