My CodeMentor Tips 🚀

Here are my Top CodeMentor tips that I shared recently. It was part of an article that was published at CodeMentor recently.

Be organized, and make use of Codementor features

Keep notes about chat discussions with new mentoring opportunities on a daily basis, so you can follow up with users as well as review your success and conversion rates. Create folders for your regular mentees to store all relevant files and links in one place.

Use the Codementor editor window during the session to share code snippets or to make the list of issues that you are trying to solve during the session so you don’t miss anything. By the end of the session, ask your mentee if they need anything else. Try and be available for follow up sessions, in case your mentee needs your help later on as well.

Use the option of scheduling a session if you don’t have enough time or sleep, and prepare for the sessions in advance to ensure it will provide a pleasant experience. Keep an eye on new Codementor features, and make sure you use them to your advantage (e.g. “request for offline help”, and possibility to search contacts).”

You can find the complete article here.