My name is Humayun Shabbir and I am a professional web developer and programming enthusiast. I believe that there is lot of untapped potential in field of computer software and that can be reaped with help of programming and utilising software in an efficient way.

I am a fan of Rapid Application Development and have done programming using Visual Basic and found it very helpful. Also, I like the ideas of object-oriented programming, Β dynamic languages and functional programming.

I can be reached via these platforms.

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My Friends

Sardar Sohail Ahmad Khan

Sohail’s words:

One of the nicest and the most talented persons ive ever met. A yound lad, Humayun takes up anything and gives it his best shot. Never afraid to learn new things, Humayun is destined to be among the best IT professionals in Islamabad. He has taken up life a bit too seriously for his age but the early start has definitely brought him at par with people double his age! πŸ™‚

Among my oldest pals and business associates, Humayun has proven his worth time and time again. I wish him all the success in life!

Adil Javed
www.adiljaved.com , http://www.emroze.com

Adil’s words:

I personally know humayun since the year 2000. I came to know him when he applied for a job with us and we interviewed him. After the interview we thought that he is a kid and isnt knowledgeable enough for a position. So we ended up hooking him up with an entry level job. Through the years that he was with us, I personally noticed him as the person who would sit all day, working on his computer, not bothering others and just doing his work, and soon he was as good as other people around him. He learnt things the hard way and proved to all of us that a young kid can grow up and actually be better than his colleagues and even teachers through hard work, determination and confidence. He was always serious, a mystery man, but the mystery was that he was always trying to absorb knowledge from others around and looking for ways to learn more and more. And here he is today, a fine professional, with a fine job, fairly younger than others in his field but proficient enough to take on serious and complex tasks. He is a true self made person. I know he saw some hard times in personal as well as professional life, had a lot of compromises and faced hardships of practical life…… but I guess he has always been too strong to be defeated. He is a fine young man, very professional, warm hearted and he makes all of us proud. But this is just the beginning….. he will rise and shine more with every passing day. – Adil Javed

Rana Zia

Zia’s words:

One thing which is mostly expected from any employer from any newly hired employee OR expected to be hired applicant for any job, that he should take stand with him during all good and bad times. It depends upon the loyalty and dedication of the person hired to his profession.

Humayun is one of such people.

He will keep walking with you with his head down until the work is completed, no matter of efforts and time involved. You asked for a work and it will be done.

Secondly, Humayun had been working with me for about a year, where I see him improving his skills regularly, which is quite natural and expected from your Heads.

He is not hasty of money but knowledge. He wants the work to be done and believes that money comes after the work is done. Fairly Logical and sane aptitude I believe.

He is intelligent enough in programming as well as in general understanding. Thats what I would look for in my team of the future.

I would pray for him to be an ever shining star in our TEAM, where we need his share as always.
All the respect and love.
Rana Zia

Khalid Atiq Qureshi

Khalid’s words:

I have found Humayun a determined IT Professional and he has proved his abilities number of times with his quality of work. He is an excellent team player and always showed his willingness to accept new challenges.

We have worked together on different software projects and I have learnt alot from him.

By nature he is a true gentleman and is one of my trust worthy friends.

Rana Ihtesham Ali
Ihtisham’s words:

“Humayun is one of the most talented youngsters I’ve come across. He loves to explore new things. We have been working together for a long time, he is a great companion due to his friendly, decent and supportive personality. He understands problems quickly and is very good at problem-solving. Humayun is an immaculate all-rounder, whether he is working with graphics or coding complex applications. His output is always beneficial for his team. He has the ability to work with deadlines.

I expect a prosperous future of this energetic, hardworking and skillful guy. May Allah the almighty always be with him.”